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My name is Guillaume Abram

I am a graphic designer. I first specialised in 3D animation and then worked in the field of architecture and product design and also on communication design, branding design, web design. I love having new experiences and always learning from my surroundings.

I had the opportunity to travel, to increase my knowledge and thus develop my creativity and an accurate eye for the artistic world. I look forward to all opportunities and challenges. I am a real geek! I have a passion for digital and technological new releases, I play video games and practise several sports intensively.

Personal life

• Started drawing at the age of 7

• I have a twin brother Simon Abram living in Oregon, a fencing master, winner of the Epee US National Team Championship, and two times winner of the Foil US National Team Championship

• I lived 7 years in Malabo, capital of the Equatorial Guinea on the Bioko Island


With more than 15 years of experience as a graphic designer.


With a designer’s eye for details, I love developing designs and communication supports into highly interactive experiences, by paying close attention to identity and performance.


Rigorous and passionate, I am able to lead a project from A to Z, from the first stages of creation to the delivery of finished products, making me your sole point of contact.
Attaching great importance to the creation of neat and innovative graphic universes, I am driven by the search for the most relevant solutions to the problems of my clients.


I graduated from the Bellecour Higher School of Applied Arts in Lyon and I did a Maya 3D formation in Gobelins, the school of image in Paris.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question regarding your future project.


I use a lot of creation software. Here are my favourites.